Get Green Fingers With These Tips for Gardening Enthusiasts in Pimlico!

31Mar 2015

Are you looking to become a keen gardener, but lack those green fingers?

reliable gardening

Are you looking to become a keen gardener, but lack those green fingers? Growing plants, flowers and vegetables in your garden in Pimlico can be tricky, but you can easily get the garden that you’ve always wanted! Here are some tips to help you with garden maintenance, planting and general garden upkeep, so that your garden can always be something that you’re proud of!

garden clearance

1)    Keep your garden clear.
A clear garden is a beautiful one, so keep your garden in Pimlico, SW1 clear at all times. If you have pets, make sure to clean your lawn of pet mess regularly. Keep your patio free from furniture and children’s toys in the winter months by investing in an outdoor storage solution, and make sure to remove any debris such as tree branches as soon as they appear in your garden.


2)    Planting flowers.
Planting flowers and plants in your garden requires a lot more thought than you might believe. Before planting anything, consider the areas of your garden that see the most sunlight and the least wind. These areas will be the best for planting. Check the quality of your soil by having a sample tested, to ensure that you’ll be able to grow what it is you want. If you are planting or growing anything in your garden, stock up on organic fertiliser to help improve the growth and life of your plants. Check your plants and flowers for weed growth, and remove using gardening gloves. Try using a weed-killing product that’s safe for use near plants and flowers to ensure your weeds stay away for longer.

lawn care

3)    Caring for your lawn.
Keep your lawn green by fertilising it regularly. You might want to invest in the proper tools if you’re serious about your lawn care. Make sure that any drier areas of your lawn get watered regularly, but remember – areas that the see the sun more will need watering more often than those in the shade. Shadier areas of your lawn require less fertiliser and less water, and over-watering or fertilising can cause dryness and could even kill your lawn. Just like your plants and flowerbeds, your lawn needs to be weeded regularly as well, so take the time to fit this into your gardening schedule.

pest control

4)    Keeping pests away.
Pests in your garden can damage your plants, flowers and vegetation, so always look out for signs of pests. If you suspect you have them, it’s important to try to figure out what pests are infecting your garden, so that you can get rid of them. There are many methods of garden pest control, and not all of them involve chemical products. Have a look online or speak to an expert at your local gardening centre if you have concerns about insects and pests.

gardening experts

5)    Hiring gardening experts.
Hiring professionals can keep your garden in Pimlico in shape, without you needing to lift a finger! Gardening companies offer lots of gardening services to help you, including lawn restoration and repair services, garden spraying, weed control and more. You’ll easily be able to find your ideal gardening service, so try looking online, or asking  friends and family for recommendations of gardening companies in your area. Try to hire a reputable company by looking for customer reviews online, or by having a company recommended. This is the best way to get the most for your money!

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