Terms and Conditions

Please find below the conditions that outline the rights, responsibilities and obligations of all parties involved in this agreement; where ‘you’ and ‘your’ speak of the customer, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to the London Gardeners and ‘team’, ’providers’ signify the third party subcontractors who help with the services. These terms and conditions are susceptible to change without prior notice. Please read the cancellation policy in Clause 4 of the document.

1.    Introduction

Please ensure that the details in the order confirmation and terms are accurate and complete before agreeing to the contract.

2.    Bookings and confirmation

2.1 Please mention the accurate dimensions and descriptions of your garden when you book with us. London Gardeners may amend the quote and add any additional charge for extra work needed on job.

2.2 If you have given incomplete or incorrect information, we also reserve the right to cancel the order or charge extra for the additional work needed.

2.3 Please ensure that our team has easy access to your property on the date of the service. You can leave a set of keys with us before the date or ensure that someone is at the property to let the team in.

2.4 Please note that the time slot that you receive on confirmation is only an estimate within which the service will be performed. This is subject to change under certain unforeseeable circumstances such as traffic, bad weather and other force majeure events.

2.5 Please arrange for parking for the gardening team on the day. Getting permission from district council or a parking permit is your responsibility, as is any parking fees or fines accumulated during providing the service.

2.6 We may also add some extra charge if your property is based outside M25 (depending on distance) and/or congestion charge of £11.50 applies. However, these prices are subject to our terms and conditions.

2.7 For a distance of more than 3 miles travelled to pick up or drop off keys to the property, we will levy an additional charge depending on the extra miles travelled.

3.    Pricing and payment

3.1 We may make changes in the quote or order confirmation if we feel that the pictures and information provided by you do not match the requirements of the job on the day of service.

3.2 You may make payment in cash to our operatives at the end of the service.

3.3 Our prices are based on the minimum charge for the service being provided:

a)    We charge a minimum hourly rate of at least £78 for using any of our service for 2 hours. We try to estimate our prices accurately as far as possible based on the information provided by the customers. However, if a job exceeds the originally estimated time, the same hourly rates apply - £45 for the first hour for a team of two gardeners and £33 thereafter. Similarly, we will charge you only for the hours we worked if we finish before the estimated time (subject to the minimum 2 hour charge of £78).
b)    We include 3 bags (180 lts) of garden waste in our quote, extra bags will be charged £3 each.
c)    The minimum charge for jet washing is £46. However, a charge of £2 per square meter will be charged for areas bigger than 20 sq. mt.

4.    Rescheduling and cancellation of appointments

In case you cancel/reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice prior to the job, London Gardeners may charge you £15 for doing so.
If you cancel the service after the gardening team has arrived at the property, a cancellation fee of £20 will be charged for travelling expenses, if applicable.

5.    Services

5.1 Please ensure that adequate water and lighting is available in your garden during the job.

5.2 London Gardeners reserve the right to cancel the appointment if we think that the health or wellbeing of our team is being threatened. In such cases, we do not take any responsibility if the customer suffers charges from third parties for incompletion of service.

5.3 Please ensure that you or a representative is present on property at the end of the service to inspect and sign for the job, otherwise we shall consider the service acceptable to you as satisfactory.

5.4 Please allow for delays upon arrival and completion of services due to unavoidable circumstances. We always aim to ensure that we are punctual and finish our work in the shortest time possible.

5.5 We may subcontract any or all of our services to third parties.

All our services are subject to www.londongardeners.org.uk’s terms and conditions.

Please Note: In order to deal with complaints immediately, we need you to report any issues with our service within seven working days from the date it was provided. Complaints registered beyond this period will NOT be entertained.