Things You Can Find In Your Garden

25Jul 2016

Gardening maintenance

Apart from being the most suitable area to practice your gardening hobby, your garden is a place where you can find some rather odd and interesting things. If you have always wanted to go on a treasure hunt, it is a good idea to start from your own backyard. Let your imagination run wild and think about all of the cool stuff lying beneath the ground:

Treasure chests - imagine finding clues about a large treasure buried in your garden! Wouldn’t that be something?
-   Dinosaur bones - if you have always been fascinated with dinosaurs and you find all real size skeletons in museums fascinating, why not try digging for dinosaur bones in your garden?
-   Underground labyrinth - a maze of walls and narrow pathways will surely make you want to explore even more.
-   Portal - portals that can transport you to unimaginable worlds have long been part of various literary works, but imagine if you find one. Where will it lead?
-   Dog toys - if you have a pet dog, you may accidentally unearth their hidden treasures - bones, toys, plates, the sock that went missing a few weeks back …
-   Ancient ruins - cities built upon cities are real, and it might be your own garden that serves as starting point of such an exciting discovery.
-   Parts of an alien ship - whoa, what a great find that would be! Imagine the interesting aspects of alien tech.
-   Dragon lair - dragons are known hoarders of treasure so it wouldn’t be too surprising to find a fortune. Just hope the dragon is missing for good.

There is no doubt that digging in the backyard can lead to some very interesting finds. Don your gloves, find a good spot and start digging and maybe your efforts will soon enough be rewarded.

A great find in your own backyard can reward all of your efforts. A good shovel and some spare time is all you need. Maybe some gardening experts too, if you are too enthusiastic about digging!

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