Landscaping on a Budget

19 October 2020

Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

garden design

If you have been dreaming of looking out the back window and seeing your own paradise, it might be time to look into landscaping your backyard garden. This can quite often seem like a labour intense and expensive task to undertake. However, it doesn’t have to break the budget. By using these handy landscaping tips, you’ll find that it is achievable to create your own backyard artwork. Thoughtful and creative landscaping can add vibrancy and character to any backyard. Consider these following ideas to get started on some thrifty landscaping:

choosing plants
-    Do some research to gain a clear concept of what you want to achieve while landscaping. The internet and garden books are filled with an abundance of ideas to give you some inspiration. Also check out local botanic gardens to see what some plants look like and the general arrangement of gardens.

-    Start with a list so that you are well organised. Like with grocery shopping, you need to have a clear idea of what you need before you start buying equipment and tools. A list will also keep you on track with tasks need to be completed so that you can avoid being distracted.

set a budget

-     Figure out your budget and hire a landscape gardener accordingly. A professional in the business may sound expensive, but it will save you money in the long run and the landscape architect will able to sketch out a clear image of how you want your garden to look. Also check in with specialty nurseries gardening experts who can give free tips and advice on what plants grow best when and where.

-    Do it yourself from then on. Once you have consulted with professionals, it’s time to save money and DIY. Breaking a sweat and getting a little dirty will save you hundreds of dollars over the landscaping process. Consider getting some help from family and friends along the way and arrange a working bee at your house.

buy plants in bulk

-    Use what is already available rather than going back and forth from local nursery and hardware stores. If you have friends who already have a successful garden, ask for some clippings to get your garden started. Start a compost bin early to create an enriching surface for your plants. Avoid clearing the entire space for landscaping as some trees and plants might be worth keeping.

-    Buy in bulk when plants are cheap and plant them in large clusters, rather than small groups of two or three. This way, if any don’t survive, you still have plenty of others likely to succeed. This will save time and money having to buy and replant more bulbs.

garden care

-    Be patient with plants. If you really want a bargain, it might be worth inspecting the lower quality plants. If they just have a few discoloured spots on the petals, it might be possible to nurse the plant back to health which will mean you spend less.

-    Buy cost effective plants and grasses that need less watering and can thrive and flourish all year round. If you want to your garden beautiful across all the season, buy long lasting plants that grow in any climate.

landscaping project

-    Enjoy the project and make the most of the time spent landscaping. If you are enjoying the work, you are more inclined to get out and about and do everything yourself. This will not only save you money, but will also benefit your mental and physical health by staying active and focused on a task. The hard work you put in will be worth the aesthetically pleasing results at the end.

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