How To Make Your Garden Look Splendid In Autumn

19 October 2020

Ideas To Make A Fall Garden Beautiful

autumn gardening
With winter fast approaching it is essential to keep on top of garden maintenance to ensure your outdoor space looks fabulous whatever the weather throws at it. Many people think that gardening is just for the spring and summer months, but experienced gardeners will know that autumn gardening is just as important. Discover how to make the most of your garden, no matter how large or small, and take advantage of seasonal gardening to get the most out of your garden. Take a look at our top autumn gardening tips and keep your garden in tip-top shape this season.

garden clearance
Tidy up time

Autumn is all about clearing out dead plants and debris in order to keep your outdoor space looking good. You need to be extra vigilant about animals during autumn as hedgehogs love nothing more than finding a lovely pile of leaves in which to sleep. Help hedgehogs by carefully looking through piles of leaves and giving them somewhere else to nestle before placing the leaves in your composting pile. This is also important should you be planning on having a bonfire, as small animals find bundles of wood and foliage very attractive homes! Sweep paths of fallen leaves to prevent accidents in your garden and get rid of any unsightly rotting foliage.

gardening maintenance
Get gardening

Autumn gardening is very popular and there are many different plants and vegetables you can plant during the cooler months of the year. Radishes, snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, pak choi, garlic, and beetroot are just some of the sumptuous foods that can be planted in autumn and even first-time gardeners can enjoy getting stuck in with these simple to grow produce. The ground will be moist thanks to the autumnal weather, so planting assorted varieties should be relatively easy to do. Looking out at an autumn garden that has been freshly planted with edible plants can be extremely uplifting, so roll up your sleeves and get gardening!

garden care
Prepare for winter

It is important to protect your garden from the bitter chills of winter. Now is the time to lift tender species from the ground to prevent them from being harmed by frost. Carefully lift the bulbs of plants such as begonias and dahlias, clean off the excess soil and store them in trays of dry compost or sand. Put these trays somewhere dry and cool until they are ready to be replanted in the spring. If you have ponds in your garden, net them to prevent leaves falling in. Decomposing leaves can ruin pond water and can block filters.

gardening company
Maintain gardening equipment

You don’t want summer to arrive only for you to realise that your lawnmower is out of action or your spade has seen better days. Go through all your gardening equipment and ensure they are in good condition. If any repairs need to be done now is the time to do it. Broken equipment is also a great excuse to add gardening tools to your Christmas list.

local gardeners
Employ a local gardening service

You could find that getting hold of competent gardeners is quite easy during autumn as many people tend to neglect their gardens at this time of year, freeing up the professionals to come and tend to yours! A professional will know precisely what to do with your particular space and is perfect if you require some landscape gardening help or want some tips for any future forays into gardening. Garden landscaping is an excellent way to make your garden look appealing and is especially useful when summer plants have gone and your garden needs a redesign. If you are struggling for ideas, a professional landscape gardener can help organise your thoughts or could even make you see your outdoor space in an entirely new light.

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