How to Maintain Your Garden in Harrow

17Jun 2015

Simple Ways to Maintain a Garden in Harrow

beautiful garden

Garden maintenance is something that many people in Harrow seem to have trouble with, especially as the summer time rolls around and you want to relax and enjoy yourself in your garden. Hiring a gardener to do all the work for you is a viable idea, but you may either not have the budget or just want to do it yourself. Knowing the ins and outs of maintaining your garden is enjoyable as you can do it at a moment's notice. Here, we briefly outline pointers that would assist you in having a well-presented garden.

1) Ensure that you are keeping up to speed with the grass cutting. It is tempting to leave it all year around and then feel horrified and overwhelmed by how much you need to cut. You may have to uproot some stubborn plants by hand or you may just decide to use the mower. Either way, long grass is a serious hazard as creatures such as insects, small animals and even snakes can slither unseen amongst the grass stalks. Plus, when your lawn in Harrow is neatly trimmed, it looks beautiful and you feel like spending time sitting on it.

lawn mowing
2) This pointer is especially beneficial when it comes down to flowers. Flowers need a specific type of soil to grow in and your garden in the HA1 area can be packed with weeds. When you are finding that your garden is having an issue sustaining flowers, tackle the weed issue as much as you can. You can visit your local garden centre as well as your supermarket to find weed control solutions that will enable you to kill all the weeds that can destroy both your flowers and grass alike.

flower gardening
3) Hedges and bushes can seriously get out of control so keeping them in check is a major part of garden maintenance in HA2. It isn't always simple to just chop a few branches off and you're done. As the nature of this type of foliage is incredible unpredictable, you don't always know if you're cutting the wrong or the right way! Rule of thumb is to always follow the hedge growth and use the trimmer to trim in straight lines. If you're having an issue, ask a neighbour to help with hedge trimming and pruning!

hedge maintenance
4) Take care of your garden furniture. Having beautiful garden furniture is an asset especially when you are holding and hosting regular cook outs and barbecues with family and friends in the HA2 region. If you think your furniture is past its sell by date, then you can either sell, donate or recycle it – whatever you choose. You should always have a small shed to store away the furniture pieces in the colder months, especially when they are liable to element damage by ice and snow.

garden furniture
5) Most gardens include patios as well. Patios have the nasty habit of becoming clogged up with all kinds of grime and dirt, not to mention losing their shine! You can take care of this by using hot water with a strong solution as well as your hosepipe to blast out all the dirt. Do this on a regular basis and you'll realise your patio in Harrow stays cleaner for longer.

patio cleaning
Overall, your garden maintenance will be helped by you being regular about things and keeping them clean. When you find yourself falling out of a routine, simply pick it up and continue because you know that doing so will keep your garden looking fresh for longer! Follow the steps outlined above and your gardening will be simple and easily done in no time.

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