How To Go To Low Garden Maintenance In Paddington

24Feb 2015

Keeping The Costs of Garden Maintenance Low In Paddington

low-maintenance garden

With the cold winter and the summer lasting only a few months, it could be difficult to do reliable gardening in Paddington while keeping the costs of maintenance low. However, it is not entirely impossible. The good news is that some gardening experts have come up with amazing gardening tips to help you bring down the costs of keeping a beautiful garden in your own backyard!

potted plants

1.    Use fast growing plants and small pots
The key to landscaping a beautiful garden in Paddington, W2 in a short time is to use fast growing plants that are also very sturdy. Ornamental grass, for example, are fast growing, hardy plants and require to be watered minimally, additionally they adjust to different climates very quickly.  Many such grasses even have flowers that come in a variety of colours and sizes, which means that you can beautify your garden further. Using small pots will ensure that the plants don’t grow to big sizes either which means that you can cover more ground and still stay within budget. Planting these small and fast growing varieties can successfully complement the other growths you have in the garden.

planting flowers densely

2.    Plant your garden dense
A wise trick to make your garden in the W1 district look full and luscious is to plant close to each other. This is a carefully calculated decision to be made between how far to plant so that roots are not competing for nutrients and the growth of the plants is not impeded and how close to keep them to give the appearance of density. Planting close maintains the soil quality in that it shades the soil from the direct impact of the sun and protects it from harsh winds, both of which dry the soil very quickly. This means that you can conserve on watering as well. Shading the soil is also an effective method for weed control, less weed growth means that need for maintenance will also be minimized.

growing succulents

3.    Grow succulents
Succulents are extremely colourful and can grow in direct sunlight and in a variety of soils. Carpobrotus, Sempervivums, Senecio, Cassula, Aloes and Sedums have unique and amazing colours, textures and shapes and add to the beauty of the garden. The best thing about growing succulentsin your garden in the W2 is that they require minimal care, even in the winter months. All you need to do to keep up their appearances is to re-pot them every year with a fresh potting mix with a slow releasing fertilizer.

garden care

4.    Pick plants according to your elements
The key to having to suffer less in trying to keep your garden in Paddington alive is to pick the right plants according to the season and the weather elements in your region. If you are planting indoors, you will also have to keep in mind the amount of space and sunlight available. Some of the few plants that are suited for large areas are Beschorneria, Echium and Westringia. They work well together, and adding some ornamental grasses and succulents will further add to their beauty.

creeping vines

5.    Creeping vines
If you need to  grow some plants in lack of space or cover up an ugly wall or fence, growing creeping vines is the perfect solution. Unlike other plants, you can train the growth of these vines using wires or threads. Which means that you can have them draped decoratively along wall, windows or even over a trellis frame. They need very little maintenance and can grow in sun or partial shade, just as well, making it ideal for growing on the sides of the houses where consistent sun and shade can be tricky.

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