How to Clean Your Patio in Hackney

15Apr 2015

Patio Cleaning in Hackney

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Just like the floors of your home in Hackney, your patio can become dirty and stained if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis. The appearance of your patio can make a huge difference to how your garden looks, and a clean patio can make your garden appear much tidier and well-cared for. Patio cleaning can take a bit of elbow grease, but with the following simple and easy patio cleaning tips, you’ll get the fantastic results that you deserve! Say goodbye to stains, marks, discolouration and weeds with these quick, easy and helpful cleaning tips!

1)    Moving your outdoor items.
Before cleaning your patio in Hackney, E9 make sure it’s free from the items that you keep outside. Whether this is an outdoor storage box, potted plants, patio furniture or anything else, move it out of the way for proper and thorough patio cleaning.

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2)    Sweep your patio.
Sweep up any dust, dirt, leaves and debris that might be on your patio. If you have pets, make sure any pet mess has been cleaned up as well.

patio sweeping

3)    Remove weeds.
It’s easy for weeds to grow in the cracks and crevices of your patio. Take a pair of gardening gloves, rip out any weeds and use either table salt or a weed killing product to prevent regrowth. If you have pets, opt to use table salt, as the chemicals in weed killing products can be very harmful and even lethal.

weed removal

4)    Washing your patio.
Fill a bucket with warm and soapy water. You can use any cleaning agent here, from bleach to washing up liquid. Try to avoid using any harsh chemicals If you have pets, though be aware that using bleach will ensure that your patio looks as clean as possible. Soak your patio section by section, and use a stiff-bristled broom to scrub at each wet area. You should see amazing results straight away, as the bristled and liquid will work to lift dirt and grime. This can take some time and effort, but persistence will get you the results that you want.

jet washing

5)    Rinse your patio.
Once you’ve finished, simply rinse away the unclean water and cleaning agent with a few buckets of clean water. If the bottoms of your patio is where your plants start to grow, be aware that the bleach or cleaning product that you’ve used could have a harmful effect on your plants.

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6)    Cleaning stone or tiled patios.
If you don’t have a concrete patio in the E5 area, but a stone one, make sure that you’re using the right cleaning agents and tools for the job. Bleach can be too harsh for stone or tiled patios, and can cause your patio to age, or look uncared for. Have a look into what type of patio you have and what cleaning agents can be used to prevent damages from happening to your patio.

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7)    Hiring a team of gardening professionals.
Patio cleaning can be difficult, but you can always hire professional gardening services to help you if you feel that you need it. Gardening experts in Hackney and the E8 region should be available to help you with cleaning you patio and other garden clean ups. See if any of your friends or neighbours can recommend a company for you, or try getting in touch with your local gardening companies to see if you can find your ideal gardening service.

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