How To Build A Garden For Nature In Chelsea

30Jun 2015

Create A Garden For Nature In Chelsea

garden for nature

As we become more and more aware of the steady decline of some of our natural species, it’s as good a time as any to create more space for them. Our gardens in Chelsea are the perfect place to invite some of our native birds and insects providing we create food and homes for them. Not to mention that the sounds and beauty they provide can be really therapeutic. Here is a guide to some little touches you can add to your outside space that the birds and the bee’s will thank you for.

-    Make a compost heap. Not only does this save you money of leaf clearance services, it is a great place for insects to hide. A good, natural rubbish heap will really create a haven for the local wildlife in Chelsea, SW3, you may even find it’s the perfect place for a hedgehog to hibernate and gobble up any worms that are helping to break down your garden waste.

compost heap

-    Planting. Planting the right plants and flowers can really help bees and butterflies. There are hundreds of websites and articles written on what the best plants are to attract these important insects. Lawn mowing is important to keep your garden looking tidy but it’s also a good idea to let a patch grow long where insects can hide. Planting some wildflower seeds can really add beauty as well as providing much needed pollen. It adds a rustic touch to your garden in the SW10 area.

planting flowers

-    Going natural. Weed control is important if you are into gardening, but if you keep on top of it, then it should never become too tough a job. Opt for a bit of hard work to pull up weeds rather than chemical products that might harm the wildlife you are trying to attract and can even have an effect on song birds. If you are finding natural weed control too much to handle alone then consider calling in a gardening service in SW3. Reliable gardeners have the man power and the right tools for the job.

garden care

-    Create spaces for bugs to hide. Bug houses can be bought or you can use bits of wood or little areas to make insect homes. Adding things like bird baths and hiding spaces will soon make your garden known to the local wildlife. If you are lacking a grassy area then look into lawn planting. A splash of green not only looks appealing but birds love to peck about for worms and the occasional squirrel may come to hide his nuts there ready for the winter.

flower garden

-    Hire a landscape gardener. If it all seems too much for you, or you have a home with more of a concreate jungle than a safe haven for creatures. Then it may be a good idea to get someone in who can start from scratch. Gardening experts in Chelsea should be able to easily see your vision and even suggest ideas that will help you along to creating your perfect garden.

landscape gardening

-    You can achieve this anywhere. You can add a little something for animals anywhere, even if you only have a window box, planting the right flowers can really make a difference, pots on patios are also great, so never think you can’t do your bit for nature.

garden maintenance

Once your haven is created you can really enjoy getting involved. If you have children it’s a perfect way to look up what you find and checking under any rocks to see what you may have attracted. And you can rest assure that you are doing your bit for the planet.

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