Gardening Made Easy

19 October 2020

Tips For Easy Gardening

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When the warmer weather arrives, it often encourages people to go outside into the garden. You may have neglected the garden throughout the winter and as the warmer sunnier weather approaches, it can make you feel obliged to get out and do the gardening. It is a great way to get some exercise and, in the process, a nice and tidy garden.

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Getting started and having a garden tidy up

You don’t have to spend hours tending to a vegetable plot or hedge trimming and pruning shrubs and trees. Simply start with a garden clean up and get rid of any old rubbish, garden waste or old toys and garden furniture that is cluttering the garden up. Hire a garden waste clearance company if you have stacks of rubbish to dump. When you have a clear up, it will make a huge difference. There is nothing worse than having a garden that resembles a rubbish yard!

lawn mowing
Lawn care

The next chore is lawn mowing; get the mower out and do the grass cutting. There is nothing nicer than seeing a lawn that has been mowed. Take note if it needs some extra care, lawn repair or restoration. Lawns are easy to care for and there are plenty of lawn care products available in garden centers to help revive a lawn. It may have brown patches, or have too many weeds preventing it from looking its best. Usually, a healthy lawn simply needs regular cutting and watering. You only need a few centimetres of water a week, about once or twice a week to keep it in good condition. Watering in the morning before it gets too hot is best. This allows the lawn all day to dry out; it is not recommended to water at night time as damp wet lawns can breed diseases and fungus. Make sure you do not cut the lawn too short. If it is too long, it is better to mow a few times until the right length. Having a perfect green lawn will make a notable difference to your garden.

Weed free

You will have to get your weeds under control, to prevent a garden from looking untidy. There is the option to use weed killers on pathways and drives which are a fast and effective way of getting rid of unsightly weeds. Just be sure to follow the instructions and keep pets and children out of the way. If you have borders or rockeries with weeds, then you simply have to get down to it and do the monotonous chore of weeding. Wear protective gloves, use a knee pad to kneel on so that it is more comfortable or invest in long handled gardening tools to prevent continual bending. Once you have it under control, it is a good idea to keep on top of the chore and do it weekly or as and when you spot a weed popping through the soil.

garden care
Other garden maintenance chores

The bulk of the garden maintenance is in the mowing and weeding. Other chores such as patio cleaning only need to be done once or twice a year. If you have decorative water features, ponds and rockeries, you will need to put in some extra care. Check online or read specialist magazines on how to take care of them. These can be lovely additional features that really make a garden look beautiful. When you find yourself improving the appearance gradually you may actually begin to enjoy the job of gardening. You don’t have to spend hours every day to keep it in shape; just a few times a week every week will keep your garden looking neat and tidy and a place you will be proud to sit and relax when the weather is warm.

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