Garden Maintenance For Plants In Enfield In Winter

24Feb 2015

Tips to Keep Your Garden Plants this Winter In Enfield

winter garden care

It can get difficult to fight the low temperatures when it comes to maintaining your garden in Enfield. Here is some worthy advice from gardening professionals who provide you with some tips on what to keep and what to toss as winter approaches and how to design improvements to help your garden tide over winter.

picking plants

How do you pick which plants to bring home?
Rare plants which are expensive or not always available at nurseries in Enfield, EN1, plants that take a long time to grow and plants which are not very hardy get prioritized when it comes to giving them a winter home. If you can’t fit them in your own home, you can ask your friends or a gardening service to adopt them temporarily. Sometimes, you will also have to look into the economics of gardening. Preparing a plant for winter and trying to keep them alive for all of it will cost considerably. If that is something you cannot afford, or if it makes more sense to get a new plant next season, even if it is not that big, then you should absolve yourself of the responsibility.

garden maintenance

How to take care of non-hardy plants?
Some plants don’t need much water in winter but they do need a lot of sunlight. They can also handle cool temperatures pretty well. So be creative and put them some place in your house in the EN2 region, such as the attic or library, where they can stay above freezing temperature and receive a lot of sunlight. If you notice that they are getting gangly, cut them back and wait for new parts to sprout. It might take some time, but they will. Most plants can live through low temperature but they might not look pretty until their full growth is restored.


What plants are easy to carry over and what is the best way to do?
Pineapple lilies or Eucomis, Oxalis triangularis, Abuliton are plants that can be revived successfully post winter. All you need to do is cut back any foliage or wait until the frost gets to them, then bring the whole pots inside and store in a cool, dry spot. Leaving leaves on will mean that they will want to photosynthesize, and that means that you will have to leave them in bright sunlight. So make sure you get rid of all green parts before you dig them up and place them for overwintering. When digging up bulbs, make sure you don’t pierce the tubers because any wound can get easily infected or spoiled. You can take out the bulb and roots, rinse the soil, dry thoroughly and put them in a bag and leave them in your basement untied, or separate the bulbs and store them in Ziploc bags along with some dry peat moss and keep it in a dry place.

gardening routine

What to do when things don’t go as planned in your gardening routine?
As gardening experts in Enfield will tell you, dealing with nature and living things is a matter of experimentation. A lot of times, in spite of all the precautions you have taken, things might not go your way. So the only thing gardeners can do is go with the flow and learn from their mistakes. Always remember that plants are more resilient than they are given credit for. In spite of things that went wrong – a cold greenhouse, no water or sunlight etc. – a plant may become reduced but it can grow back if given the appropriate care. It is never too late to retrieve.

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