Designing a Flower Garden - Points to Focus On

05Oct 2015

Designing Your Garden - Focusing On Focal Points

Flower garden design

Are you in love with flowers? Are you lucky enough to own a garden space in your home? Are you willing to invest some time and effort in designing your own flower garden? If the answer to all three questions is a resounding ‘yes’, then you should most certainly get started on a flower garden today.

Gardening is a great activity, which makes for a great hobby and has many benefits. One of them is being able to pick flowers from your own backyard and use them to bring some freshness and color in your home. There is nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers, which you have grown by yourself in your own garden. Don’t hesitate any further and start today. Here is what you have to do:

- Clean up the space - free space is not the only requirement for gardening. What you need is clean space free of weeds and other junk that might be occupying it in order to have your flowers set up there. Often, when your gardening enthusiasm is fresh, all you have to work with is a lawn that has more weeds than grass. A good raking, some mowing and cleaning the debris is required before you even begin planning your flower garden.

Prepare the soil

- Decide on size - what you see on TV normally presents vast gardens full of various plants. But if you are relatively new to gardening, your goal should be to create a small size garden first. Aiming at too large space can backfire as there will be more stuff to do and your enthusiasm will quickly dry up. Your first garden should be a rather small one, around 25 square feet at most. That much space is enough for 20-30 plants, which is an adequate amount to start with. Flower gardening is possible within the borders of a single container, in case you think even 25 feet are too much.

flower care

- Make a detailed plan of your flower garden - it is always a good idea to have the plan of your garden on paper, before you recreate it in your backyard. That way you will be able to make corrections and changes if necessary. Keep in mind the distance to your water source, which is one thing that may determine the location and layout of your garden.

- Be picky about the site of your garden - the most important factor for choosing the site of your garden is how much sun it receives. If you live in an area with hot climate, it is wise to pick an area with partial shading. Be mindful not to place your garden over any utility lines.

lawn care

- Consider the soil - flowers require good soil in order to grow. While it is true that most soils can be improved, it is a good idea to avoid areas with rocky soil and steep slopes and areas where water stands. Expert gardeners suggest that you plant 20 feet away from trees and sizable bushes, because they compete with your garden flowers for nutrients. Getting a soil test will enable you to decide what extra nutrients your soil requires.

- Dig flower beds - you must get down to the dirty part of your work - digging. What you have to do is remove all sod and weeds, grass and whatever else debris may be present at the location of your future flower garden. Dig up the flower beds to at least 8 inches. Level the flower beds and add compost and manure. Introduce grass clippings, if the soil is too sandy, in order to improve its water-holding capacity.

flower beds planting

- Buy your desired plants - once you have decided what flowers you want, plant them in your designated area. Keep in mind that smaller plants should be located at the front and keep in mind that plants grow so you must provide adequate space around them so they don’t cluster.

planting services

- Water properly - don’t forget to water your flowers, but don’t overdo it, because there is always the risk of overwatering. Keep an eye on your flowers to determine if they need more water and act then.

watering the garden

That is all the effort needed to start your own flower garden. You will be able to reap great rewards, if you really devote your time and attention to creating a flower garden. There is a lot of color and joy that your gardening will bring you.

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