5 Ways to Keep Your Cat out of The Garden

19 October 2020

How To Keep Cats Out Of Garden

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We all like keeping our home gardens and flowerbeds lavished with lush green plants during summer. Whether it is flowers, herbs or vegetables, garden maintenance and landscaping are inevitable to every homeowner. While it is so beautiful to keep cat pets, when let free they can cause real havoc to the gardens. From the ladybirds to aphids, you have enough pests to keep off your garden design, and the last thing you want is your pet trampling on it.

You probably may have grown a variety of plants, purposely for attracting birds only to find your neighbour's cat or yours relieving themselves there. Or perhaps discover holes dug by your cat while weeding your well-manicured flowerbeds. Whatever reasons you have for keeping cats out of your garden, finding a solution to the problem will be crucial. Besides, cats can be stubborn and therefore you might have to try several solutions before getting the best solution for the predicament.

Fortunately, even without necessarily having to look for professional gardeners or gardening services, the following five tips should go a long way in ensuring your gardens are safe from the menace.

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Install Motion Detector Sprinklers

While there may be several things that cats dislike, water is among the most hated. This is because cat's fur is not entirely water-resistant. As a result, installing the sprinklers at strategic points will be efficient at curbing the problem. Moreover, these repellents can also be used for other pests and rodents like squirrels, birds, and skunks. Hence, the sprinklers can be useful in preventing cats from going to the gardens.

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Install Ultrasonic Repellent Devices

These repellent devices can detect motions within a specified diameter range then emit some noise that scares the cats away. Besides, the actual sound is set within a range that only the cats or nearby animals will hear it. Such devices can save you a lot of money on gardening.

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Setting up a Repellent Surface

Placing pointy but slightly blunt devices can also help scare away cats. Such objects include chopsticks, plant stakes, and pine cones. The objects should be strategically placed in-between your crops or flowers. Furthermore, the aim is to prevent the cats from ruining your plants and flowers. This will make garden maintenance much easier.

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Use Non-toxic Repellent Scents

Just like dogs, cats are quite sensitive to smells, however not as much as dogs. Therefore, after inhaling the odour of the repellent sprays, they will quickly pace away. Some of the repellent scents include those from coffee grounds, cayenne pepper, black pepper and orange peels. These products will not have a negative effect on your landscaping project.

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Physical Barriers and or Diversions

When all the other methods can't seem to work, setting up a barrier or a diversion around the perimeter can be an excellent landscaping solution. For instance, setting slightly blunt spikes on top of a fence can make it impossible for the cats to climb.

However, the most effective ways to curb these problems will be the use of catnip to attract the cats to a specific spot or making an outdoor litter box. These methods will ensure your cats stay away from your lawn and or flowerbeds.

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