Designing Your Garden In Balham On A Budget

27Apr 2015

Gorgeous Garden Design On A Budget In Balham

garden landscaping

Congratulations! You have finally moved into the house of your dreams in Balham and it looks absolutely stunning! You are so impressed to have finally pulled off everything, and yet you are so unimpressed with the garden. You know that it needs to be done up to look pretty; however you're unsure what garden maintenance services would work best for it. All you see is a broken table and 2 chairs lying outside and you know that you need to hire a gardener to help you clean everything out. Hiring a reliable gardener is imperative when you have a tight budget to work on.

However, it isn't always necessary to hire a gardening company in the SW12 area to do all of this for you. With a little bit of effort and following a guide, you will be able to do this all by yourself. We have put together this simple guide to help you design the garden of your dreams in a matter of hours:

grass cutting
•    To cut your grass, it is important to own a lawn mower. Grass cutting is very simple. If you haven't got one, it is wise to invest into one. A lot of the times, we end up hiring a gardener for something very simple that we can do ourselves. It will probably take you a lot less time, if you are able to slash off a little bit of the long grass before you use the lawn mower. If your landlord or landlady in Balham hasn't taken care of it already, then it is your responsibility to do it. A beautiful lawn is something to be proud of, not only because of the aesthetics but because it keeps everything hygienic as well. You do not want rodents and other small animals to come through because of all the mess.  

bird feeder
•    A lot of people that have gardens often have birds that are looking for food and water in their backyard. Rather than installing something fancy, the cheaper and more creative option is to turn a flower pot or an urn upside down and decorate it with a little paint. You can fill it up with water or with bird food that you can get from the local supermarket or pet shop. Ensure that when you shape the cisterns, you take care to round out all the edges because it prevents the birds and other little animals from hurting their feet. For a couple of pounds, you will be able to give yourself an amazing garden design without the heavy price tag.

garden waste removal
•    If you find that you need a garden clearance in the SW11 district, you can ask one of your neighbours or friends and family to help you. Perhaps they have a skip that you can stick your waste into or if not, they can direct you to the right place to help you dispose of it. Part of doing your gardening is keeping everything clean and tidy, free of waste.

hedge trimming
•    When it comes to hedge pruning and trimming, it is wise to ask around for a pair of garden shears to do it by yourself. With a little help from videos online, there is nothing that you cannot take on yourself.

Creating a garden in Balham on a budget is something that is very simple because garden maintenance services in the SW12 do not have to cost an arm or leg. Moving into a new place is already costly enough; you want to make sure you stay in budget.

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